Frequently asked questions

Booking Process

How do I book a private charter?

Email info@whistlerconnection.ca or call 604-938-9711 our office is open daily from 8am to 6pm.

How does the wait-time guarantee work?

​We schedule your trip entirely around your flight arrival time which is why we require your flight number for YVR arrival.  We offer a maximum wait time guarantee or your trip is free. We’re on the clock as soon as you check-in with our airport representative and if we don’t get you moving to Whistler on time then your ride is free!  

How do I book an airport transfer?

Contact Whistler Shuttle via any of the following:​

Our customer support team is online 6am – 11:30pm Pacific Time.


What kind of vehicle will I be in?

We won’t guarantee what kind of vehicle you will ride in, but we do guarantee that you will get to Whistler quickly and comfortably. The Whistler Connection service runs on a combination of dedicated buses, vans, and scheduled buses in order to ensure that you get away from Whistler quickly. Mixing up the vehicle types is the way that we are able to offer this service in an economical manner. 

I have a bike with me, is there space for it on your shuttle?

Bagged/boxed bikes are permitted during our spring, summer and fall schedules. You will need to inform us at the time of booking. There is an additional charge of $15 per bike.

I have an infant, will you provide a child seat?

If you are traveling in a vehicle with seat belts then car seats are required by law and we will do our best to provide them. However, car seats are not available in mini-buses and other buses that do not have seat belts. Due to the nature of our service we can’t guarantee the type of vehicle that you will be riding in. The only way to guarantee a car seat is by booking a private vehicle for your transfer. We can offer forward facing and booster seats for private transfers but not infant rear facing seats.

We recommend calling our booking agents at Ridebooker who book transportation all over North America at 1-866-923-0516.

Is my pet allowed to travel with me?

On our shared transfers pet are not allowed to travel. Please contact info@ridebooker.com for other travel options that can accommodate your furry friend.


Where do I meet the Whistler Connection Airport Representative?

International Terminal:
The airport authority has designated a specific area where all representatives must wait to greet clients. This is in the “semi secure” zone that is entered after completing customs and before entering the public part of the terminal. The rep area is on the left hand side immediately after exiting the secure customs zone. If you exit the semi secure zone you will not be able to re-enter. In this case please see the information desk as they will be able to connect you to our representatives.

Domestic Terminal:
In this terminal, passengers move from the secured area to the public part of the terminal at the luggage claim on level 2. The representative will be standing at the luggage claim carousel that has been designated for the arrival flight.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

​With our flexible departures, it’s almost impossible to miss the shuttle. If you’re flight is delayed or you’ve missed a transfer, that’s not a problem, we monitor flights throughout the day and constantly adjust our schedule to ensure that you are on the road as soon as possible. The shuttle meets flights arriving as late as 11:00pm in winter and 8:00pm in spring to fall. If your flight arrives after these times, we’ll transfer you to the first shuttle the next morning.

What time will my shuttle leave the airport?

Not long after you emerge from customs (international flights) or the baggage claim area (domestic flights)! We know that you’re coming and are actively adjusting the schedule throughout the day to ensure a short wait for you at the airport! The Shuttle doesn’t operate on a rigid schedule which allows us to be flexible and adapt “on the fly” to flight cancellations, missed connection, flight delays, etc.

Downtown Hotels & BC Ferries

Do you drop off and pick up at BC Ferries?

We do daily pick up and drops at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal during our summer season. To find out more or to make a reservation contact Ridebooker.com or call 1-866-943-5050.

Do you drop off and pick up at hotels in Downtown Vancouver?

Yes we do. Please visit Ridebooker.com or call 1-866-943-5050 to find out if we stop at your hotel of choice!